Saturday, May 9, 2009

So This is Spring Cleaning

As a result of our recent china acquisition, new space had to be created in our cupboards to accommodate for the two boxes making a temporary home on my dining room floor. I never believe I have junk until I actually rummage through things, and I guess I have a lot of junk. Dingy glass vases, mismatched salt and pepper shakers, old and worn pots and pans. 13 years of kitchen pile up.
Pulling things out, separating and tossing things into the D.I. (2nd hand in Utah) boxes is the easy part. It is putting everything back in order. Junk or not, I had my kitchen organized to be User Friendly. Most used items at hands reach, least used stuffed into the corners. Now my kitchen Feng Shui has to be re-established, and all of the sudden everything is important and I may just use that Braun soup blender ( I forgot I had) very soon, so maybe it should be in this spot, NO, maybe it would be better over here, and on and on....
After a few cupboard changeovers, I finally started to feel the "Shui" once again and rewarded myself with Chili's takout.
My husband told me giving away my kitchen to the D.I. wasn't an excuse to go out and buy new things. He can have his opinions, its a free country. Besides, he won't see the credit card bill until next month.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello Kitty!

My parents recently moved into a retirement complex and have given us girls various things they can't take with them. A few nights ago, my youngest sister brought me some boxes. Old books, clothes, and china. As I sorted amongst the wrappings, I noticed an oddly shaped piece of bubble wrap tucked in the corner of a box. Curious, I began to unroll the contents and couldn't believe my eyes! It was long lost Kitty! As children, my sister and I were quite precocious and had firm rules set on us about not touching certain knickknacks. Kitty was hand-painted by our Great Grandmother, and if we were caught playing with her we were in trouble. But just look at Kitty, and tell me young girls can resist her charm? Kitty, I am glad to see you again!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 Simple Things I Love

Restaurants, for making food when I am too tired to cook.

Cats, for their curious, playful nat

Laptops, so I can watch TV and use the computer simultaneously

Body Scrub, soft skin is good skin

Rain, I love weather in action

Children, I pray for one each day

The first cup of coffee, made fresh in the morning


Computer Games, so I can still be a learning child

Hugs from my husband