Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Notes

Yesterday, I realized how much organizing and scanning there is to be done. I have a large amount of pictures from my mother, and some old postcards and such from a trunk my mother kept from her grandmother. Its wonderful to see everything in it... overseas postcards from a service man and valentines from the early 1900's. I found a dance card from my great grandfather with a list of girls names and notes, "fox trot", or "two step" penciled next to them. Its a charming treasure. Old baby clothes and dolls were also in the trunk, which I wrapped and sent (along with the trunk) to my sister in Seattle. Its going to be some work, but I love peeping into history.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Notes

What is Photography?
I have been perusing Blogger for photography blogs and noticed so many interesting photos, but I know they have been altered to some degree by editing software. So, when does photography stop being about the picture and start being about the editing? And I enjoy enhanced photos, some people have a gift with editing, to me it is a form of art. I think for the most part, my photos will stay unedited, save for the clip and re-size. I have developed a love for catching natural moments.