Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday's Note

It is great to look into my yard and not see a gangling wall of weeds along my fence line. We go through it each year, and yes its our fault the weeds come back. After we spray weed killer we get lazy and forget about doing anything else. Our final landscaping WILL HAPPEN this summer. Nothing elaborate, tidy ground cover rocks will take up the space where the weeds have been. Hopefully we can find a landscaping company to do it; I'm not sure it would be a large enough job, but we really don't want to do it ourselves. Our home is 11 years old now, and the back porch needs a lot of work. I love the vinyl porches, and maybe we can save for a small one to be put in.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Note

I spent the better part of last night re-creating this blog, and it took FOREVER to find a background I liked. Well, I liked a lot of them, but they were either too dramatic or too bland. I wanted to find a background easy to look at, nice, but not over-stated. Actually I love the abstract, strange backgrounds, but they tend to compete with my blog and pictures. I think I found "nice". Green, nice... pink, nice... flowers, they are nice.
I also just realized my background is similar to the wallpaper my sis and I had on our bedroom walls. We grew up surrounded by pinks and greens. Well, if my choice is subconscious I guess everyone should be grateful I didn't have wood paneling.
Now to work...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Note

I feel my best in the morning,
And it is not just my cup of coffee talking.
Everything is starting, and I love beginnings.
I am not much of a "to-do" person,
So I don't have chores listed or plans to execute.
I have a few things I know need to be done,
And that's it.
I need to meander,
Enjoy the flowers on the path,
Before I start to run the race.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testing, 1,2,3....

Testing, 1,2,3.... hey does this blog still work?

Wow, it does. Well, I guess it's time to shake the dust and get rid of the cobwebs.

Now I just need to find that darn quill....