Friday, November 4, 2011

The Other Girl who loved a Vampire - Buffy Summers

The next Twilight movie will be showing this month, and of course I am reminded of the past 20 years of vampire novels, movies, and television I have seen.  And since Twilight IS a ROMANCE, it brings to mind another teenage girl who's soul mate walked by moonlight, Buffy Summers.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer.    
BUFFY the vampire SLAYER.   
buffy THE VAMPIRE slayer.

OK no matter how you write it, or say it.... ya get the giggles.

After not being able to finish the lamest of lame movies, I didn't even bother with the TV show.  At least not until I accidentally watched part of an episode, and then began watching reruns, trying to catch up to the 5th season.  Its satirical, self-deprecating humor was great; and the love story between Buffy and Angel was well..... pretty much no different than any other teenage love story.
Except one of them was dead.
And sometimes they hit.
At least they're both good looking.

So here are a few You Tube clips of the OTHER unusual love affair, plus other great Buffy moments.

Buffy and Angel: I love their prom dance

Once More, with Feeling

The Episode "Hush" is probably my favorite.