Monday, May 11, 2009

"Get a Blog!"

I can't remember a time when I consecutively wrote in a diary or journal. I did seem to gather wonderful books, some with gold edging or dainty locks to tell the world this book is special so keep out! These helpful empty pages were just waiting for someone to pour out their innermost thoughts. I usually got about a week in, and then stopped. End idea? I have never been a chronicler, but in the past few months since I have started this blog, I have become more in tune with my need to express myself through writing. This blog doesn't serve up super facts or generate never heard before opinions, (though there is a useless facts banner at the bottom of the page) but this blog does serve up the opportunity for me to share myself with others with which I wouldn't normally communicate.
I do appreciate blogs in general, and anyone who can consistently put words to paper (or virtual paper). It is a gift I will try to emulate for the rest of my life.
Today was a particularly tense day at work, and the issues fell upon my desk at 4:50 pm, and had to be handled immediately. So I wasn't able to leave until around 6:00 pm, and I still have the gritty emotions clinging to me like crusty mud. Not 3 hours ago, I issued 5 termination checks, one of which is for someone I am fond of and have worked with since I started my employment in 2003. The termination is going to have direct impact on other parts of of my job, and I can just see organization getting flushed down the toilet, and me having to dive in after it.
I am deliberately blank at work, I work, I leave, I show up the next day, I work, I leave, and so on, and my desk is void of personalization. I have seen my sister in law fired about a year ago, and no matter how hard I work, I fully expect to be the next one out the door. On the day I am given my termination check, I don't want to suffer the humiliation of cleaning out my space, I only want to grab my purse and leave the building.
So now as I purge my negative emotions onto my poor unsuspecting blog, I realize the old sarcastic adage
"Get a Dog!"
can now be updated to
"Get a Blog!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

5 By 5 in Seattle

If you click on me, I grow :)

I thought I would re-post my April trip to Seattle to visit my sister and two friends. I decided to delete the original posts until I was really happy about what I could show everyone. This weekend, I took the opportunity to create a collage of my visit, and highlight some of my favorite people on this planet and our mini adventures! In the collage is an afternoon of us walking about the pier, various photos of downtown, and of the Underground Tour. It was rather chilly, so I think I will not plan to invade their space again until late summer when layers are an option! Are they ever an option in Seattle? Still, I will bring a sweater...