Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacation in Crescent City Part II "It is Cora, with a C"

I was excited about my first vacation post, and made sure my husband read it, then eagerly awaited approval.

"It is Cora, with a "C" he stated.

Cora is the cutest Sea Lion ever, and I spelled her name "Kora". Shame on me. Well, maybe I misspelled her name, but I do have lots of adorable photos of her from Ocean World to show off. See, I remember the important stuff.

Ocean World is a small aquarium showcasing the ocean life surrounding Crescent City, and for about and hour, we were toured through tanks of sharks, stingrays, and of course the playful Sea Lions, of which Cora is the star.

The Tour Starts!

A girl put her tongue on one and was numb for a bit

Heading to the tanks

The water was murky, but I caught a few photos

Leopard Sharks

Cora and older Sea Lion, who mostly sunbathes.

Cora's favorite toy

The ring master

Spot on, Cora!

Another tank mate of Cora's, she has a sweet face

Friday's Notes

I spy... or not. So yesterday I went to the Optometrist and I am going to need a stronger prescription. He was happy to tell me I wouldn't need bifocals, yet. Ugh. Apparently I am slightly ahead of the over 40's curve, but again... UGH. I spent yesterday evening watching the T.V. in sunglasses because my eyes were dilated, and I will go in this Saturday to pick out new frames. I wish my eyes were 24 years old again!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Notes

I started going through some of my mom's collections of letters and and postcards passed to her in the old trunk. I came across an interesting notice from the Widows' and Orphans' Fund in 1925 telling of the death of someone. I thought it interesting the accustomed wording during the time period:
"It is with deep regret that we announce that the Grim Reaper has summoned _____ member of the Widows' and Orphan's Fund, to the unseen Pyramid above."

I love peeping into history....